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Educational: Valuation Methods

This is the first series of its kind that we are publishing, and we will be making iterations to improve it based on the feedback we receive. The series is planned to consist of four publications:

  1. Introduction – discussing the five valuation methods we will cover in this series. This includes a description of each one, when it is advisable to use it and when not to, as well as the pros and cons of each valuation type. This publication will be the only theoretical one in the series since the rest will be 100% practical, with real step-by-step examples.

  2. Comparable Valuation – We will cover different types of comparable valuation, including transaction-based (M&A) comparisons.

  3. Discounted Cash Flow Valuation – We will analyse The Italian Sea Group, explaining the process step by step and the rationale behind each assumption.

  4. Other Valuation Methods – We will provide examples of when to use Sum of the Parts (SOTP) and Liquidation Value.

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