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We usually write analysis of companies, macroeconomic articles and post related whit asset allocation. The main idea of the website is to share our investments, our analysis and the rationale behind our movements. This can help you if you have in your portfolio any of the companies we are covering, you are interested in macroeconomy or if you want to learn about asset allocation.

Analysis of companies articles – What companies are a good investment?

The type of publications will vary along the year. During the earning season, the vast majority of the articles are focused on the companies results. Nevertheless, during the rest of the year we publish our research about new companies. Along with the explanations of some investment decisions. As an example: Gigas Hosting

Macroeconomic analysis – Why is interesting to invest in a specific sector?

Along the year we will share analysis of some industries which are going under special circumstances. It can be because of some shock in the supply/demand balance, new legislation, steady growth or any relevant issue. Also, it is a condition for MORAM to analyse the industry before making any investment in a company related to it. Therefore, we have performed analysis for all the industries where we have positions

Asset Allocation – How should I allocate my money?

This is probably the most relevant part of the website. It is a key aspect to understand the macroeconomic condition to be able to allocate your money wisely. Thanks to this allocation, investors will make the most significant differences among each other. That is the reason why we will try to maintain ourselves active in this section and publish at least 3/4 articles per month about this.

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