MORAM Capital – Education

In addition to in-depth investment theses, articles on macroeconomics, and portfolio management, one of the pillars of this project is to share our knowledge about financial markets and the economy. We strive to (aside from asking subscribers about the topics they are most interested in learning about) publish an educational article on average every 3 weeks. For some of these articles, we also share the spreadsheet or materials we have used in their creation.

Valuation series (Ongoing - 4 publications 4Q23)

Valuation methods MORAM

Educational: Valuation Methods

First publication of the valuation series where we explore different type of valuation methods (Discount Cash Flow, Comparable, Liquidation, Transaction SOTP,..) and focus on when to use one or the other

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Explanations on how specific sectors work

MORAM - Guide to the Yacht industry

Guide to the yacht & Superyacht industry

Guide to the yacht industry. Different players (manufacturers, dealers, brokers), segments ( >50m, 20-50m, smaller,..). We teach the specifics for analyzing each type of company and examine the current situation of the companies

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