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We are launching this new section of the website that we will be developing over the next few weeks. The goal is to provide you with a series of resources that we believe are incredibly valuable for anyone interested in the financial markets. Of course, everything is included in our annual subscription. Additionally, we have provided free resources in Excel and PDF formats.

Our intention is to cover the following areas:

  1. Financial models. Not only what we already share from the articles we publish but also specific templates by sector for those who want to model on their own.
  2. Our industry “Bibles,” files where we try to put all available information about a particular industry, so that both beginners and those seeking specific information have enough with this document.
  3. The Education section, not only about financial markets but also about other related and interesting areas such as Project Finance, Debt, or alternative investments.
  4. Data on financial markets. We have recently made an investment in a data provider used by many of the world’s leading companies, and the possibilities for accessing all information on listed companies are unlimited. Therefore, we want to provide market reports and access to data.
Note: Monthly subscribers have access to all files published during its membership

Sectors “Bibles”

LNG Industry

FLNGs in the world

Data on everything related to the LNG industry: All LNG Carriers, Liquefaction and regasification assets, FLNGs, import and export countries…

US Restaurants

MORAM US Restaurant industry

Detailed analysis of 32 Companies in the Industry including Financial Statements, Number of Venues, Same store sales, Franchisors, Operators, es…



Data of all REITs listed in the US, detailing the different segments (Hotels, Retail,…) including analysis of the main segments and trends.

Recreational Vehicles

Recreational Vehicles

Detailed analysis of all listed recreational vehicles companies in the US (Boat manufacturers, dealers, motor homes, trailing campers,…

Some of our Financial models


Perini Navi The Italian Sea Group

Step-by-step explained financial model of The Italian Sea Group and Sanlorenzo (Two Italian Superyacht builders whose theses you can find in the investment thesis section)

Golar LNG

Golar LNG investment thesis

Detailed financial model of Golar LNG for its FLNGs with target valuation and modelable inputs. Includes all information about financial statements, notes..

Restaurant Comp

Good Times Restaurants investment thesis

Financial model of a small-cap company in the restaurant industry with two brands, 70% extrapolatable to the analysis of other companies in the industry.

Published models

MORAM Capital financial models

In progress: creating a page to facilitate the download of the remaining models without obstructing navigation on this website.

In the coming days, we will upload previously published models of other companies. If you are looking for a specific one and it has not yet appeared, please contact us directly.


Private Equity

Private Equity LBO Model

Spreadsheet with a example of an LBO opportunity to learn how to model in Private Equity

Project Finance

Renewable energy moram

Spreadsheet with the financial model of a solar park to learn how to size the debt in this type of projects.


Investing in Fixed Income

We are developing a simplistic model to explain how to calculate bonds metrics, prices …

Alternative Inv

Alternative Investments

Theory & practical examples

Free Resources

Earnings Season

Summary of companies presenting results next week with market expectations for EPS and revenues.

Div Calendar

Summary of companies paying dividends, $$ amounts, yields, dates… in the upcoming days.

Market analytics

Financial markets

Information about all the markets worldwide, equity, debt, commodities, Forex, crypto…

Earnings Transcripts

Transcriptions of all the 1Q24 Earnings calls for the restaurant and recreational boats sector (Historical and portfolio company transcripts, as well as others sectors, also available).

If you are looking for specific information about any company, sector, or market and cannot find it, please write to us directly!

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