This macroeconomic section is an integral part of our investment strategy. We place significant emphasis on macroeconomic factors in our decision-making process and believe that a deep analysis of current macroeconomic trends and how they affect the different industries is crucial to take any investment decision.

This section provides in-depth analysis and thoughts on the global economy, financial markets, and the effect over specific sectors, showing our readers our entire decision process before taking position in any company.

Recent Articles

The natural gas industry explained

We thought that it would be useful to publish a “guide” for the natural gas sector to gain a better understanding of some of the thesis we publish. It explain the basic concepts but also arbitrage, forecast…

nat gas industry
Dry Bulk

Has the party just commenced at the Shipping Dry Bulk’s backyard?

The dry bulk segment within the shipping universe is one of the pillars of the modern economy despite being largely unknown to the world at large. We are talking about its economics, current situation, and future prospects.

The great shift: from a piped to a shipped supply of nat gas

The European Union had historically relied heavily on Russian natural gas. For many decades, the flows from Yamal-Nenets, an autonomous district in Western Siberia..

LNG Europe
Is the party over in the shipping segment?

Is the party over in the containers shipping segment?

During the Covid-19 crisis, there was a spending behaviour change from demanding more durable goods and fewer services, together with the lack of labour and supply available created a historical peak…

Diesel shortage and refining industry

The underinvestment in refining capacity and refinery closures that we have witnessed in the US and Europe for the last years, along with the ban to Russian refined products,…

Diesel shortage Moram
Is Opec the new central bank Moram

Is OPEC the new central bank of the world?

After printing trillions of dollars and triggering a level of inflation in the developed world that had not been seen in almost 30 years, the FED has been rising interest rates to try to reduce inflation. However…

Offshore drilling industry

Report about the offshore rigs, a industry that is expected to shine in 2023 and beyond due to the need of more investment in oil & gas

Offshore Drilling industry Moram
Moram European natural gas crisis

The natural gas crisis in Europe

Europe is in the middle of an unprecedented crisis as a consequence of a series of wrong decisions taken in the last years and accelerated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Electricity prices are sky-rocketing…

Some thoughts about the current market situation - May 2022

Some notes and considerations about how we are dealing with the current situation. Ideas about industries which are literally printing money, similarities between Crypto and Lehman..

is the stock market going to fall? Moram

Inflation? Better have a plan

The debate about potential inflation around the corner has been around for a while. Both theories have their renowned supporters. Let’s have a look at the current situation to…

Consequences of the Blue Wave

Analysis of the potential consequences that the Democrats Blue Wave can mean for the markets in the coming months

The offshore wind industry is set to grow by double digits for the next decade. The article goes through the industry, main players, and different roles in the supply chain and it includes…

No Guts & No Glory

The relationship between Risk & Return is maybe one of the basic principles of investing. We talk about the role of Small cap stocks in the portfolio 

Renewable Energy in Spain

Because of the new policy related to the auctions of renewable energy published last 4th November. This is an analysis about how it will work and its effect in small companies (Spanish)

LNG Shipping industry

The LNG shipping industry has evolved considerably during the last 25 years. Now it faces the challange of COVID-19 reducing demand and the effects of “La niña”.

LNG industry outlook

The LNG industry has been expanding over the last years, and the pandemic has even accelerated this trend. We talk about the current situation for each part of the LNG value chain..

Air transportation sector &Covid-19

The air transport sector has been hugely impacted by the pandemic. In the last five months since the beginning of the lockdowns..

What is happening in
the oil market?

Last 20th April, the world witnessed WTI trading at negative prices for the first time. That day the oil price fell more than 300%, reaching -35$/barrel. How was that possible? 

The stimulus of Central Banks during the crisis

Central banks face the difficult task of helping governments to deal with the pandemic. Those are trying to reduce the impact on the private sector due to the lockdown and lack of demand, …

How COVID-19 affects the different sectors?

The change of scenario from completely freedom to be quarantine at home change our necessities as well as our consumer behaviour. This implies that somes sectors such as…

Economic consequences of COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic is both a humanitarian tragedy and an economic challenge. At the time this report is written, there are more than 2 million people infected and more…