The investment thesis is the part of the process that takes us more time. After analysing the macroeconomic environment and developing a top-down approach where we identify the industries that can be benefited from the macroeconomic conditions (in the next 12-24 months), we study that industry and its players. That is why once we choose an industry, we usually share investment theses about several players in the same industry (as has happened with the luxury yacht builders recently)

Our preference is for small cap companies, as we believe that the risk-reward balance is more favourable and they tend to be less covered by analysts. Consequently, there are greater opportunities for outperformance in the market.

Initially, we only shared the investment thesis of the companies that make up our portfolio. However, as we have grown the team and there are several collaborators in Moram, we also share analysis of companies that we have discarded or we see as attractive but there are not included in the portfolio. Our idea is to continue growing and offering more investment thesis. Nevertheless, we prioritise quality over quantity, so this process will go step by step.

Investment theses Consumer Discretionary

Boat Manufacturers & Superyacht Sector

Investment theses Energy Sector

Kistos Holdings Investment thesis

Investment thesis – Kistos Holdings. A small company run by Andrew Austin(Ex-RockRose) which invest in natural gas assets in the North Sea

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Vermilion Energy investment thesis

Investment thesis – Vermilion Energy an oil & gas producer with presence in North America, Europe and Australia

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Serica Energy Moram

Investment thesis – Serica $SQZ.L, a zero debt small cap in the oil & gas sector which operate in the North Sea.

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Jadestone investment thesis

Investment thesis Jadestone is a zero debt small cap in the oil & gas industry. It operates in the Southern Asia & Australia area

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Other sectors

Other Investment ideas and analysis of companies

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