The investment thesis is the part of the process that takes us more time. After analysing the macroeconomic environment and developing a top-down approach where we identify the industries that can be benefited from the macroeconomic conditions (in the next 12-24 months), we study that industry and its players. That is why once we choose an industry, we usually share investment theses about several players in the same industry (as has happened with the luxury yacht builders recently)

Our preference is for small cap companies, as we believe that the risk-reward balance is more favourable and they tend to be less covered by analysts. Consequently, there are greater opportunities for outperformance in the market.

Initially, we only shared the investment thesis of the companies that make up our portfolio. However, as we have grown the team and there are several collaborators in Moram, we also share analysis of companies that we have discarded or we see as attractive but there are not included in the portfolio. Our idea is to continue growing and offering more investment thesis. Nevertheless, we prioritise quality over quantity, so this process will go step by step.

Investment theses Consumer Discretionary

$VEEE $FRZA Analysis

$VEEE and $FRZA are a couple of microcaps in an interesting situation, both have EV close to 0 and important

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Arcos Dorados $ARCO investment thesis

Arcos Dorados Investment thesis, an opportunity to get exposure to Latin American countries throughout McDonald’s

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OneWater Marine investment thesis

Investment thesis – OneWater Marine $ONEW, a serial acquirer in the recreational boat industry in the US

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Catana Group

Catana Groupe – $CATGR. Catamarans manufacturer growing revenues >20% CAGR.

We have just launched our premium service that will

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Hotel Chocolat Investment idea

Hotel Chocolat LON:HOTC – A turnaround idea in the punished UK consumer discretionary sector. Small cap mini-investment thesis

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The Italian Sea Group investment thesis

Investment thesis of The Italian Sea Group, an Italian shipbuilder focused on mega-yacht with brands such as Perini Navi or

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Good Times Restaurants investment thesis

Investment thesis – Good Times Restaurants $GTIM. A micro-cap in the US restaurant industry with net cash, buybacks and unit

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Sanlorenzo investment thesis

Investment thesis SanLorenzo $SL.MI , an Italian company dedicated to the designing and manufacturing of custom-made luxury yacht

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Investment theses Energy Sector

Serica Tailwind LON:SQZ

After rejecting Kistos offer,Serica merged with Tailwind,doubling production and diversifying from natural gas. Analysis of resulting company

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$NFE Investment thesis

New Fortress Energy investment thesis, a fully integrated gas to power company growing double digit in developing markets

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MAU investment thesis

Maurel & Prom is a French oil producer with interesting catalyst in the horizon

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Harbour Energy Investment thesis

Harbour Energy – Investment idea: the leading independent oil and gas company in the UK going through difficult times

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Other sectors

Tamburi Investment Partners $TIP.MI MORAM

Analysis of Tamburi Investment Partners. $TIP.MI invests in both public companies (such as Moncler, Sesa, etc.) and private ones (Azimut-Benetti..),

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Newlat Investment thesis

Investment thesis in Newlat Foods $NWL.MI an Italian small cap growing in the agri-food sector

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Vysarn Investment thesis

Investment thesis Vysarn Ltd, a vertically integrated micro cap company providing water services in Western Australia

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$INTD.MI Intred analysis

$INTD.MI Intred analysis, Italian small cap that is one of the main competitors of Unidata. Investment thesis presented a few

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Unidata Investment thesis

Investment thesis Unidata, an italian small cap company providing broadband connectivity and growing double digit year after year

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$GOGO investment thesis. American small cap growing in the niche industry of internet & private airplanes

We have just launched our

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Adriatic Metals investment thesis

Adriatic Metals is a precious and base metals explorer and developer that owns the world-class Vares silver project in Bosnia

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Investment thesis that will be available soon

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Other Investment ideas and analysis of companies

MarineMax investment thesis

Analysis of MarineMax $HZO a boat & yacht dealer (discretionary sector) which is the main competitor of OneWater Marine $ONEW

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Ferretti yacht investment

Analysis of Ferretti Group,the next yacht company making an IPO in the Italian stock market.It includes a detailed comparison with main peers

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Ecoener tesis inversion

Ecoener (BME:ENER) investment thesis, Spanish small cap trading at BME Growth, renewable energy IPP with hydro, wind, and solar PV assets.

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Newlat Food SpA investment thesis

Analysis of Newlat Food SpA FY22 results, the outlook for 2023, and our thoughts on the company’s performance and potential M&A activity

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Investment thesis competition

In early March, we hosted a Small Cap Investment Thesis Competition, showcasing 20 promising candidates. After rigorous evaluation, we selected 9 outstanding finalists, including Newlat Food Spa, Playway, Troika Media, Thrive Holdings, Nowvertical, and Atlas Engineered Products, among others. Click on the image next to this text to gain access to these 9 investment theses.

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