Moram Investment thesis competition

Investment Thesis Competition

We are organising our first investment theses competition in Moram. Our goal is to identify talent in the community willing to collaborate with us, as we have ambitious plans for the future. We would like to invite all our readers across the world (United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Scandinavia, Germany, Canada,..) to participate in this competition and develop an attractive investment idea for 2023.

We would assess the thesis based on its structure, quality of the content and ability to obtain the target price (valuation). Moreover, there will be another prize based on its performance in the next 12 months

All the investment theses qualified for the final (the number will vary depending on the participants) will be published on Moram to allow subscribers to vote (>31000 visits per month and >1400 subscribers).



  • Companies with a market cap smaller than $2000MM
  • Traded in Europe, the United Kingdom, North America or Australia
  • The Sector of the company is free to choose
  • Original thesis

Key dates

  1. Please, send ([email protected]) an email with the name of the company you are going to develop the investment thesis about to avoid having 2 theses of the same company.
  2. The deadline to send the thesis is 11:59 pm CET on Saturday 18th February.
  3. We will conduct a Q&A (email) to each participant with 3/4 questions about their thesis
  4. After that, we will publish the investment thesis qualified for the final and will open to subscribers the vote until 4th March. For those who are not among the finalists, we will provide feedback about the thesis.
  5. On the 5th of March, we will announce the winners.


Note: Delivery will be via Amazon, so it has to be operative in your country to receive the prize

Investment Theses – Finalists


2º JSW 76 Votes

1º Atlas Engineered Products 94 Votes

3º Troika Media Group 68 Votes