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Good Times Restaurants $GTIM CEO Interview & 2Q23

This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Ryan Zink, the CEO of Good Times Restaurants, for the second time. It is always significant to be able to converse with a figure like the CEO of a company. However, in the case of $GTIM, where there are no analysts covering it, conference calls last a maximum of 15 minutes, and the only information available about the company is what is published in SEC filings, we believe that this interview holds special significance.

Full disclaimer in advance, we have exposure to this company. However, as always, we strive to be as objective as possible (in fact, we are usually even more critical of the companies in our portfolio).

During the over half-hour meeting, we discussed several topics that we believe are the most relevant: the litigation situation, 2Q23 results, growth strategy, forecast for the next two quarters, buybacks (and other options). As always, we concluded with a section where we expressed our thoughts and conclusions about the company.


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