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    Consequences of the Blue Wave in the markets

    In 2020, the big winners of the stock market were the tech companies along with the renewable sector. Large caps performed much better than small caps and America did much better than Europe.  The first big event for the markets this year has been the Senate election in Georgia. It had vital importance as this state decided the majority in…

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    Offshore Wind Industry – Investing in the future

    Background – What is the offshore wind industry about? The offshore wind industry refers to the production of electricity through the installations of wind farms in the sea. There are two types of wind parks, floating and fixed. The main advantage of offshore wind farms over the onshore ones is that the number of working hours is higher for the…

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    Why invest in stocks in 2020?

    Reasons to invest in stocks in 2020 despite the current environment Under normal circumstances, I would answer this question by saying that stocks have provided the highest returns historically. It is much higher than inflation over time. Therefore, we can say that despite its volatility, it is the best place to put your money in the long-term. And this is…