• LNG Europe

    The great shift: shipped natural gas to European Union

    Lessons and challenges for the European Union in the short and mid term Context – The relationship between the European Union and natural gas The European Union had historically relied heavily on Russian natural gas. For many decades, the flows from Yamal-Nenets, an autonomous district in Western Siberia, irrigated most of the eastern and central countries of the continent. In…

  • Natural gas prices in Europe Moram

    So… are high natural gas prices over in Europe?

    Reasons behind the recent fall in European gas prices Since the TTF price peaked in the last week of August, European natural gas prices have fallen sharply due to a combination of several factors.The warmer-than-usual weather in Europe. The demand destruction in the industry due to the high prices and the increment in LNG imports (which received 70% of the…

  • Is Opec the new central bank Moram

    Is OPEC the new central bank of the world?

    Introduction After printing trillions of dollars and triggering a level of inflation in the developed world that had not been seen in almost 30 years, the FED has been rising interest rates to try to reduce inflation. However, it seems that it is not only missing its target but also cracking the financial markets. The cost of living is rising…

  • Moram European natural gas crisis

    The natural gas crisis in Europe – The fall of a continent

    Europe is in the middle of an unprecedented crisis as a consequence of a series of wrong decisions taken in the last years and accelerated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We believe that a major difference between this crisis to the Great Financial Crisis back in 2008 is that Europe is much more damaged than its main peers. The…

  • Macroeconomy

    Is inflation coming? – You better have a plan

    The debate about potential inflation around the corner has been around for a while. Either inflation or deflation theories have their renowned supporters. Let’s have a look at the current situation to understand repercussion about how Central Banks are acting. It may help to realize the dimensions of the problem and how it affects the retail investors. The increase in…

  • Macroeconomy

    Consequences of the Blue Wave in the markets

    In 2020, the big winners of the stock market were the tech companies along with the renewable sector. Large caps performed much better than small caps and America did much better than Europe.  The first big event for the markets this year has been the Senate election in Georgia. It had vital importance as this state decided the majority in…

  • Macroeconomy

    Offshore Wind Industry – Investing in the future

    Background – What is the offshore wind industry about? The offshore wind industry refers to the production of electricity through the installations of wind farms in the sea. There are two types of wind parks, floating and fixed. The main advantage of offshore wind farms over the onshore ones is that the number of working hours is higher for the…