This section is dedicated to the analysis of companies. It is split into two parts based on the characteristic of the analysis. Additionally, there is a section to explain the position that have been closed. 

Portfolio section includes a full analysis of the companies where we hold a position. Including the background of the company, its main activities, the investment thesis, risks and a valuation. Moreover, we add a detailed analysis of the earnings reports and conference calls every quarter.

“Closed trades” section where we maintain the thesis of the companies that were part of the portfoio in the past and the reasons to sell them

Thus, this section is updated regularly, at least 2-3 times per month. However, it does not mean that we are rotating the portfolio so often. In contracts, it means that we are constantly renewing the watchlist. To illustrate, every time that we think a sector is interesting under the macroeconomic perspective, we analyse a high number of companies within the sector and leave here the briefings

Portfolio - MORAM (Actively managed)

Currently, the portfolio is composed by eight companies grouped in three main sectors: Infrastructure, Renewable Energy and Technology

Infrastructure & Energy

Golar is one of the world’s largest operators of marine-based LNG midstream infrastructure. Currently, our main position

Kistos is an investment company targeting opportunities in the transition energy market. It made its IPO in November 2020

Jadestone analysis Moram

Jadestone is an oil producer in Southern Asia and Australia. It takes advantage of the ESG movement and buys assets from majors at huge discounts

Vermilion is a Canadian mid-cap company, producing oil & gas in North America, Europe and Australia. It has exposure to European natural gas prices

Serica Energy Moram

Serica is a UK natural gas producer in the North Sea. It produces >28000boe/d which sells mainly in the spot market and has half of its EV in cash

IOG is a small cap, natural gas producer in the North Sea. It has two producing assets and it is developing its third one



Discretionary Consumer

The Italian Sea group analysis TIGS Moram

The Italian Sea Group is an Italian yatch builder focused on sport yatch longer than 50m and sailing ships (Perini Navi heritage)

Adriatic Metals is a small cap company located in Bosnia & Serbia focused on the mining sector. It is listed in London & Australia

OneWater Marine is a serial acquirer in a very fragmented industry. Family-owned, huge margins & synergies. Classic example of a compounder


At the moment,  because of the current macroeconomic conditions, we are closely following the energy sector. In particular, the natural gas industry due to the sanctions on Russia, the terrible dependency that Europe has and the lack of investment in the last years. Furthermore, we are starting to watch closely the evolution of FED decisions in order to start pivoting the portfolio into other sectors. As we explained in the 3Q22 letter, we are starting to analyse outstanding companies from other sectors

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Investment thesis available

Very soon

New Fortress Energy
Compagnie des Alpes

8th December

Closed trades

In this section, we will present the companies that were in the portfolio but we decide to close the positions. Additionally, each one of them contains a brief summary of the operation as well as the reasons to close the position. Moreover, there are also articles explaining the rotations we have done in the portfolio.

Reasons to sell Enagas and buy Cheniere

Vertex, a fantastic thesis but an inexperienced management who lied their investors

Recent (last 6 months)


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