At MORAM, we believe in bringing professional investment resources to retail investors, while providing in-depth analysis and macro services to institutional investors such as investment funds and family offices. We leverage our extensive experience in financial markets to ensure our clients have all the information needed to make informed decisions in today’s complex financial landscape. We cover a range of interesting sectors from a macro perspective and provide detailed analysis of companies with quarterly updates and whenever we meet with them or there is relevant news.

Also, although it is our focus, we do not only dedicate ourselves to the analysis of companies, but we also carry out macroeconomic analysis or analysis of different sectors as well as different asset classes.

Moram Founder – Carlos Mora

Carlos Mora, an industrial engineer with an MBA from the Imperial College of London (scholarship), brings over 10 years of experience in public markets to MORAM. His diverse background includes experience in hedge funds (Sefton Place Advisors), strategy consulting (energy and finance sectors with leading European multinationals), and portfolio management located in both London and Spain. Carlos has passed the CFA Level I exam and holds the title of Certificated Advisor (CAd). Portfolio Manager.

Our Team

At MORAM, we are proud to be supported by a network of experts and collaborators with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Our team members come from various sectors, including finance, economics, and engineering, and contribute their unique insights to our investment thesis and analysis on a regular basis. This approach enables us to deliver comprehensive investment resources and research, backed by a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our Philosophy is Macro driven

At MORAM, our investment philosophy is based on a macro-driven approach that involves analyzing specific sectors that align with the current economic cycle. We then select the most attractive industries within those sectors and conduct a thorough analysis of the fundamentals of multiple companies. That’s why we always present several companies from the same sector when conducting our analysis. However, it’s essential to note that although we provide in-depth analysis of companies, we don’t offer direct financial advice.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to elevating the level of professionalism and expertise in the world of retail investing, while providing the in-depth analysis and research services that institutional investors require. At MORAM, we strive to empower investors with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed investment decisions and achieve their financial goals.


Become a contributor!

We are actively expanding our team of collaborators; if you are interested, please send us your investment thesis and motivations to [email protected].