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Welcome to MORAM, a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in the financial performance and market trends of publicly listed companies across the US, UK, Europe, and Australia. Our analysis is driven by individuals with extensive backgrounds in the financial industry, including experience in hedge funds and other buy side institutions.

Our macroeconomic articles offer a deep look into the larger economic landscape, while our analysis of companies goes beyond the surface-level data to provide a thorough examination of the companies situation, their financials and the opportunity we see tied to them.

With a focus on providing high-quality investment thesis, we believe that bring a unique perspective both to retail and professional investors, combining our expertise and background in the financial sector to offer a higher level of analysis than other non-professional websites. Additionally, we provide an exclusive look into our portfolio of companies, showcasing our investments and our approach to identifying profitable opportunities in today’s market. Furthermore, we offer quarterly letters to explain the performance of our portfolio and the companies within it, providing valuable information and insights to our visitors.

Analysis of Companies

This section is where our investment thesis comes to life. We provide detailed analysis of small-cap companies and their financial performance, helping visitors understand the ins and outs of each company and why we see an opportunity on them.


In this section, visitors can find our in-depth articles about current trends and the larger economic landscape. We provide insightful analysis and valuable information for those looking to stay informed about both the state of the macroeconomy and specific industries where we usually invest / analyse

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The goal of MORAM 

MORAM is dedicated to providing valuable investment insights and analysis to individuals and institutions alike. We aim to share our macro-oriented investment philosophy and offer in-depth coverage of micro cap companies from the US, the UK, Europe, and Australia.

Our goal is to bring transparency to the investment process and make it accessible to everyone by sharing our analyses, macroeconomic views, and portfolio management strategies.

Since the launch of our website in April 2020, we have been providing our readers with quality content, including investment theses on over 45 companies, more than 20 macroeconomic articles, and concise summaries of conference calls. This has led to a growing community of over 3,500 subscribers.

Our team consists of experienced investment professionals, including individuals who have passed the CFA Level I exam, and obtained de CAd (Certificated Advisor) certificate. We are committed to providing our readers with the highest-quality analysis and market insights, and we invite you to join us on this journey.

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