This website is focused on the analysis of companies as well as the understanding of how the current macroeconomic trends can affect specific industries. 

The company analysis section is divided into two parts. The first part is the portfolio section, which contains the analysis of nine companies, including financial data and specific details. That information is updated quarterly when the companies released their quarterly results (Under Construction). Second, the watchlist section, which includes the analysis of the company(description, business model and current situation). The result aims to be a list of 20-30 companies where we can understand their business model and the drivers behind their price. The companies conforming this section will evolve as the situation does.


On the macroeconomic views section, there will be articles regarding my analysis of monetary policy decisions, offer & demand shocks or changes in consumer behaviour trends and its effect over specific industries. When investing, understanding of the macroeconomic environment is a critical factor before taking any investment. In this website, a top to bottom analysis is carried out, identifying the drivers behind economic events and their potential consequences. As a result of the analysis, the sectors which can be more benefited in the current environment are identified, and they are further analysed in the company analysis section.


Our bias is towards small-medium capitalisation companies as they are less covered by analyst and present higher opportunities. However, we also complement this approach with the analysis of renowned companies.


Focused on: 


Analysis of the latest events that affect the economy across the world, paying special attention to:

  • Monetary policy decisions / Interest rates / GDP
  • Their impact across different sectors
  • Change in trends / consumer behaviour
  • Supply & Demand shocks

Company valuations

Fundamental analysis of companies from Eurozone, UK and the US  based on the understanding of:

  • Its business model
  • The situation of its industry
  • Its future Cash flows (DCF Valuation)
  • Equity / Debt situation

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Latest analysis:  Cheniere Energy and Greenalia

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