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MORAM is focused on the analysis of companies. It manages a portfolio and publishes a detailed analysis of the companies which compose the portfolio. Moreover, every quarter, there are detailed articles analysing the earning reports of the companies in the portfolio. Furthermore, it also publishes a watchlist with the analysis of companies which could be part of the portfolio in the future if some conditions happen. 

MORAM follows a different approach than the traditional portfolio. It is based on the macroeconomic analysis of the current situation. Firstly, a macroeconomic analysis of the current situation is carried out. Secondly, it deeply analysis the sectors that are in an advantageous position in the current environment. Finally, the companies in the best position to take advantage of the catalysts forecasted are added to the portfolio.

Macroeconomy (sectors)
Portfolio (Analysis)

The Analysis of companies section shows the companies on the Portfolio, Watchlist and the Exits (operations closed).

Portfolio – The portfolio contains between 8-10 companies. It is a concentrated portfolio. It will be typically divided into 3-4 sectors, depending on the macroeconomic analysis. There is an analysis for each one of the companies composing the portfolio. In the analysis, there are details about its business model, situation, finance and comments of their quarterly earnings reports. The information is updated at the end of each quarter when the companies publish its quarterly reports.

Watchlist –  It includes the analysis of the companies (description, business model and current situation) that can be part of the portfolio in the future. It is because its sector is starting to show interesting opportunities and these companies look better than its peers. Consequently, the watchlist companies are grouped by sectors.

The Macroeconomic views section, contains articles regarding analysis of recent and significant events affecting the markets. It includes recent monetary policy decisions, offer & demand shocks or changes in consumer behaviour trends and its effect over specific industries. When investing, understanding of the macroeconomic environment is a critical factor before taking any investment. MORAM carries out a top to bottom analysis, identifying the drivers behind economic events and their potential consequences. As a result of the analysis, the sectors which can be more benefited in the current environment are identified. These sectors are further analysed in the company analysis section.

Currently, the portfolio has positions in three sectors (Infrastructure, Renewable Energy and Technology). Consequently, the vast majority of Macroeconomic articles are oriented to these topics. In conclusion, MORAM’s ambition is to share the analysis of companies, views about the economy and knowledge managing portfolios. The website went live in April 2020. As a result, the website will evolve and adding more information related to portfolio management and the stock market. In the meantime, feel free to contact if you have any question or suggestion.

More about MORAM

What type of analysis publishes MORAM?

There is a bias towards small-medium capitalisation companies as they are less covered by analyst and present higher opportunities. However, MORAM also includes in its portfolio some bigger companies if it can spot a significant opportunity there.

How often are the analysis published?

MORAM publishes an analysis of a company, a macroeconomic view or an earning report weekly. Nevertheless, there will be more than an article per week during the earning season.

How often does the portfolio of MORAM rotate?

It depends on the situation, but the companies usually are in the portfolio for 1-3 years.

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Yes, you only need to fill the form with your name and email.As a result, you will receive an email whenever we publish a new article.

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