MORAM – Portfolio Management and Analysis of companies

MORAM focuses on the analysis of companies and portfolio management. We provide a detailed analysis of the companies which compose the portfolio. Moreover, we complement this information with articles about our views about the macroeconomic situation and deep insights into industries we specialised in.

Furthermore, every quarter, we write a public letter explaining how we have managed our portfolio during the last three months, the companies which have been sold and the new entries, detailing the situation of each company which composes our portfolio.

MORAM follows a specific investment style. It is based on the macroeconomic analysis of the current situation. Firstly, macroeconomic analysis of the current situation is carried out. Secondly, it deeply analyses the sectors that are in an advantageous position in the current environment. Finally, the companies which are in the best situation to take advantage of the forecasted catalysts are added to the portfolio.

Structure of MORAM’s website

Analysis of Companies
Portfolio Management
  • Analysis of companies / Portfolio – MORAM portfolio is a concentrated portfolio, it usually contains between 8-10 companies. Typically, it will be divided into 3-4 sectors, depending on the macroeconomic analysis. Moreover, there is an analysis for each one of the companies composing the portfolio. In the analysis, there are details about its business model, situation, finance and comments of their quarterly earnings reports. The information is updated at the end of each quarter when the companies publish its quarterly reports.
  • Our most read company analysis are: 

The Macroeconomic views section contains articles regarding the analysis of recent and significant events affecting the markets. It includes recent monetary policy decisions, offer & demand shocks or changes in consumer behaviour trends and their effect on specific industries. When investing, understanding the macroeconomic environment is a critical factor before taking any investment. MORAM carries out a top to bottom analysis, identifying the drivers behind economic events and their potential consequences. As a result of the analysis, the sectors which can be more benefited from the current environment are identified. These sectors are further analysed in the company analysis section.

  • Our most read articles are: 

The goal of MORAM 

MORAM’s ambition is to share our investment philosophy, facilitating access to analysis of companies, views about the economy and the rationale behind the decisions taken in portfolio management. 

The website went live in April 2020. Since then, we have published the analysis of + 40 companies, +20 macroeconomic articles and lots of Conference Calls summaries. During this period, we have achieved +900 subscriptions

We are also certificated advisors (CAd + CFA level I)

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More about MORAM

We usually write analysis of companies, macroeconomic articles and post related with portfolio management & asset allocation. The main idea of the website is to share our investments, analysis and the rationale behind our movements. Hopefully, this can help you if you have in your portfolio any of the companies we are covering, you are interested in macroeconomy or if you want to learn about asset allocation. 

Analysis of companies – What companies are a good investment?

The type of publications will vary along the year. During the earning season, the vast majority of the articles are focused on the companies results (analysis and notes from conference calls). Nevertheless, during the rest of the year we publish our research about new companies. Along with the explanations of some investment decisions. As an example: Gigas Hosting Investing

Macroeconomic Analysis – Why invest in a specific sector?

Along the year we share analysis of some industries which are going under special circumstances. Specifically, it can be because of some shock in the supply/demand balance, new legislation, steady growth or any relevant issue. Also, it is a condition for MORAM to analyse the industry before making any investment in a company related to it. Therefore, we have performed analysis for all the industries where we have positions.Whenever in the future we see some opportunities in new sectors. We will analyse them (publishing articles about) and after that, we will analyse the most interesting companies within that sector from our point of view.

Asset Allocation – How should we build our portfolio?

This is probably the most relevant part of the website. It is a key aspect to understand the macroeconomic condition to be able to allocate your money wisely. Thanks to this allocation, investors will make the most significant differences among each other. That is the reason why we will try to maintain ourselves active in this section and publish at least 3/4 articles per month about this.

In summary, it is a financial website made by people with experience in the financial sector where we want to share the analysis and investments we do. Weekly we send our subscriptors an email. It details the companies analysed during the week, changes in the portfolio or portfolio management / macroeconomy articles wrote if any.